#Nike backing #Kaepernick was a BUSINESS move along with social change! [details]

Kaepernick Nike

Nike’s 30th anniversay ‘Just Do It’ roll-out according to them is rooted in sparking a conversation leading to SOCIAL CHANGE…and it WILL, but the BOTTOM LINE is the bottom line…the MONEY!

Gino Fisanotti, Nike’s North America vice-president for brand marketing, told ESPN: “We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward.” With its new ad, Nike has thrust Kaepernick – and the professional sacrifice he made for his political beliefs – back into the center of football and broader political conversation.

Nike’s STANCE has made some PROTEST and even threatens to BOYCOTT, but does it matter? Nike by the NUMBERS shows that the DEMOGRAPHIC they are most interested in do NOT represent the demo that is most likely to BOYCOTT. CHECK THE NUMBERS:

frican American, Hispanics and Asians are more strongly represented in Nike’s consumer base than they are in the U.S. population.

For example, the company’s market research shows 13% of Americans identify as African American, yet 18% of Nike buyers are black. Hispanics account for 16% of the population, but represent 19% of Nike buyers. And, Asians account for 3% of the population, but 5% of Nike customers.

Caucasians are under-represented in the Nike world. The white population in the U.S. is 75% — but they comprise only 67% of Nike’s customers. And, of those, Nike believes a very large percentage, especially young whites, support Colin.

As for age, according to Nike’s stats, 18 to 34-year-olds comprise 30% of the U.S. population, but they represent a whopping 43% of Nike buyers. On the other hand, people 65 and older account for 19% of the population, but represent only 6% of Nike customers.

Now politics throwing in POLITICS, Nike consumers are 7% less likely to be Republicans than the general population, and 3% more likely to be Democrats. So the BIG PICTURE here is that the PEOPLE BURNING and DESTROYING Nike gear and apparel, fall OUTSIDE of the DEMO that provides the most money, so in ESSENCE, Nike catered to where their BREAD AND BUTTER lies… with a SPLASH of SOCIAL CHANGE to boot.


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