WATCH: #BobbyBrown PROFESSES his LOVE for #JanetJackson back in 1989! [vid]


Just IMAGINE if we had SOCIAL MEDIA back in the 80’s and 90’s!? There would be SO MUCH  DRAMA about a lot of our FAVES that would’ve gotten DRAGGED from under the ROCKS and CARPETS and CLOSETS!  Well we are all so DEEP INTO ‘The Bobby Brown Story’, and one of the BIGGEST SCANDALS that we saw ion part 1 was that Bobby and Janet had an AFFAIR while Janet was MARRIED!!!  WHO KNEW!?  Well some may think the scenes were inserted to add DRAMA to an already ACTION-PACKED movie, but let’s follow the CLUES.  The TWO DID date, so its not a FAR-FETCHED idea that that scene we saw did indeed HAPPEN.  But let’s go back to 1989.  Bobby was on BET’s ‘Video Soul’ with Donnie Simpson, and he PROFESSED his LOVE for JANET!  Take a LOOK!!!


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