LISTEN: #InsecureHBO season 3 ep 3 ‘Fresh-Like’ playlist [audio]

We are SO glad that ‘Insecure’ is back for season 3! Now we all know that the MUSIC sets the mood and is actually like a NARRATOR or extra CHARACTER for the SHOW. Here is all the music from episode 3 of season 4 BELOW!

“After The Storm” off of Kali Uchis’ Isolation album features the unlikely pairing of Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins. The song and video came out earlier this year. Kali Uchis got the Bootsy feature thanks to social media. Back in 2015, she did an interview with Billboard saying that she’s always wanted to work with him and that she followed him on Twitter but he never followed back. Days after the interview, Bootsy responded to Kali and they ended up working together at Bootsy’s ranch. They’ve since released two songs together.

Insecure introduced us to a new one. “Make It Out Alive” by Nao, featuring SiR of TDE came out less than a week ago. From East London to Inglewood, this is a match made in heaven.

“Manifesto” appears on OverDoz.’s “2008” album which came out last year. OverDoz. hails from Crenshaw so it makes perfect sense why they would be featured on Insecure. Fun fact, the cover of “2008” was taken outside of Worldwide Tacos in Crenshaw. Worldwide Tacos was also featured in the episode of Insecure featuring their track. Could this have been intentional?

MORE here!


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