#SisterCircle AXES one co-host in favor of #TrinaBraxton! [details]


It appears that ‘Sister Circle’ has a NEW co-host!  ‘Braxton Family Values’ star Trina Braxton JOINS, “Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb-Lunceford, singer and “R&B Divas” star Syleena Johnson and TV, radio host and sports reporter Rashan Ali.  Kiana Dancie had been AXED from the show!

According to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, executive producer Helen Swanson said Braxton sat in on a couple of episodes during the series’ first season and Swanson instantly liked the chemistry generated between the women. The EP said she found the “Braxton Family Values” star’s “soulfulness” engaging.

Trina REPLACES comedian Kiana Dancie who reported on August 21st that that was her LAST DAY and that the decision wasn’t HER OWN! SO i ESSENCE she was saying she was AXED! https://www.facebook.com/kianadancie/videos/10161048341945529/

“I am saying this: today is my official last day at ‘Sister Circle Live,’ she explained. “My time here at ‘Sister Circle Live’ has been amazing. Although I did not foresee this in my immediate future, it is a decision that I can’t control. At the end of the day, I always say, ‘God never, ever, ever closes the door without opening at least a window’ so I absolutely am very excited about my future. I have so many amazing things happening.”

“Sister Circle” live launched in fall 2017 as a way to “inspire African-American women” according to a press release. As well as tackling news topics the show has also showcased insights on relationships and parenting along with covering the newest trends.

Now I can honestly say this is a GOOD MOVE for the show. I watched a few episodes and I was FAMILIAR with all the co-hosts…with the exception of Dancie. I am from Atlanta and I knew of all the ladies, but for me Dancie just didn’t fit the DYNAMIC of the core group. It may just be me, but her presence seemed forced, so I can see why the POWER THAT BE opted for more STAR POWER with the addition of Trina Braxton. Congratulations to Trina, and the best of luck to the departing Dancie in her future endeavors.



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