‘Fan’ who BUMRUSHED the stage at #OTRII tour stop in Atlanta, IDENTIFIED as #AnthonyMaxwell! [details]


By now you have heard about the ‘CRAZED FAN’ that made his way past security at JAY-Z and Beyonce’s ‘On The Run II’ tour stop in Atlanta!  In case you missed it, revisit that HERE!  NOW we have MORE information about the situation and the man.

He has been IDENTIFIED as Anthony Charles Maxwell and he is 26 years old resident of Marrieta, Georgia but ORIGINALLY from Colorado Springs, CO.  Maxwell was arrested after the incident for disorderly conduct and aggravated battery. And because he actually made contact with JAY-Z, a battery charge has also been added. Reps for The Carters say they would not be pressing charges.

Shortly after being released from POLICE CUSTODY, Maxwell went on FACEBOOK to let his ‘fans’ know that he was ALIVE and WELL and they the dancers didn’t ROUGH HIM UP too much.




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