#JohnnyGill BREAKS his silence on the #NewEdition trademark issues and STRIFE within the GROUP! [vid]


If you didn’t know or have heard by now, but the 6 members of New Edition are having some internal STRIFE.  This riff has causes 4 of the members to embark on their own.  Ronnie DeVoe, Mike Bivins, Ricky Bell and Bobby Brown are touring collectively as ‘RBRM’. Some have been wondering why all 6 members are not touring together and there has been a lot of speculation and innuendo and rumors about the STRIFE between the FELLOWS. ‘RBRM’ went on ‘The Breakfast Club’ to air out some of their dirty laundry. They let it be known that there are some ISSUES amongst the guys that is keeping all 6 from touring together. They also revealed among a lot of other stuff, that Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill actually OWN the ‘NEW EDITION’ name and no one else cam use it because it is TRADEMARKED by THEM. So of course this has the other 4 members a bit IN THEIR FEELINGS…some even feel that Gill shouldn’t have any ownership in the name because he was ADDED well after the group was founded and had made a name for themselves… Check the FULL INTERVIEW!

Mike Bivins threw a little SHADE at Johnny Gill..but hey….. Now Johnny Gill is FINALLY clearing the AIR as to just what’s going on and where EVERYBODY STANDS NOW!

There you have it FROM Johnny!  But here is my thing.  I like Johnny Gill solo.  I like Ralph Tresvant solo.  I like Bobby Brown, solo.  I like BBD solo… but I LOVE NEW EDITION and NEW EDITION is all six members and I HOPE to see all the guys onstage making music, doing what they do best.  THey are all HEALTHY, ALIVE, and still have their GIFTS, so we as FANS hope the guys get through this ROUGH PATCH and bring it ‘HOME AGAIN’.  I mean they were on such a HIGH after ‘The New Edition Story’, let’s keep that same ENERGY going forward.  They even inspired other groups that were not together to get back together, so PLEASE guys..let’s get it back TIGHT forever!


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