#Tekashi69 CLAPS back at #Ludacris JAB! [vid]

maxresdefault (15)
#Tekashi69 has been KNOWN for his TWITTER BEEFS with Chief Keef and OTHERS…now it appears that he has set his sights on one of the GREATS in the GAME… Ludacris. On an upcoming appearance on ‘Wild N Out’, Ludacris made a REAL subtle SNUB to 69—nothing really to write home about, but here it goes…

I mean, were there any lies told? These type of ‘rappers’ are ‘HAIR’ today, gone tomorrow, so Ludacris was betting on a SURE SHOT, not a FLY BY NIGHT act….

So Tekashi, being who he is FELT THE NEED to CLAP BACK on an OG!

IRRELEVANT? Now we are going to chalk some of this up to Tekashi being young and quite FRANKLY, DUMB to the GAME…but Ludacris IRRELEVANT? Not likely. He may be a little too YOUNG to remember how Luda CHANGED the game coming from a radio personality to a CHART TOPPING rapper and ACTOR, but maybe 69 is just a little too young and NAIVE to know this. WE ALL think he needs to put some RESPECT on LUDA’s NAME!



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