SNEAKER HEADZ: #KanyeWest gives us a 1st Look at the new #YEEZY700V3! [pic]


It is now MY taste particulary, but Kanye West has just gven us a SNEAK PEAK of his new sneaker The YEEZY 700 V3 !!



They look like ORTHOPEDIC shoes to me, but maybe I am not enough of STYLISTA to get it!

While the upper is still recognizable as part of the YEEZY 700 line — albeit with a few updates — the biggest difference between the V3 and the designs that came before it is the midsole. Previously, the YEEZY 700 V1 (and the V2, although that version has not been released yet) had a much chunkier midsole with detailing and a rubber outsole.

The V3 looks to have kept things a lot simpler, although this could still just be a sample version. According to Kanye’s own sketches, the YEEZY 700 V3 will release at some point in 2019.


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