#Jeremih OPENS UP about his riff with #TeyanaTaylor! [vid]


I’ve been dancing around talking about this topic, because it was disheartening to hear that a TOUR on PAPER that seemed so PROMISING, would end like this. By now I am sure you have heard about the DRAMA between Teyana Taylor and Jeremih. They were on tour together and Taylor cited Jeremih’s ‘diva’ behavior towards her and his unprofessionalism and ultimate SABOTAGE, alleged by her. [In case you missed it, revisit the drama HERE!] Now we are finally hearing Jeremih’s side of the story!

Jeremih of course DENIES the allegations and he also touched on Teyana’s claim that 80% of the crowd left after her set. He said that Teyana would encourage her fans to meet her for the meet-and-greet after her set. Jeremih also suggested Teyana had her own type of “diva” behavior when she allegedly “got mad over some chicken wings one night.”

The ‘OUI’ singer spoke to Hot Rod from Power 92 Chicago and explained his side of the story:

MEANWHILE Taylor is continuing on with the TOUR renaming the ‘KTSE’ tour and even got EMOTIONAL at a tour stop in Detroit when she SOLD OUT THE CROWD despite not having Jeremih co-headlining:

Like it goes, there aer alwasy 3 sides to a story, he said she said, then the TRUTH…



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