#TheGame APOLOGIZES for FIGHTING his own teammate during #DrewLeague game! [vid]


By now you have seen the video of rapper The Game PUNCHING his own TEAM MATE, Jarion Henry, during a Drew League game over the weekend.  Check out the ‘FIGHT’ below!

Well, in a LENGTHY Instagram post that has since been deleted, Game APOLOGIZES for what happened. He wrote:

I’m writing this sincere apology 1st & foremost to my teammate & lil brother @j_hennn for my role in our disagreement that went a lot further than it should’ve,” the rapper wrote. “I acted out of character & although as brothers for the last 7 years & one of my teammates I definitely consider family…. there are always heated moments on the court & in our locker room but it should never get to where it got to today… so again, this is my apology fam.

Well AT LEAST he apologized. Being a FATHER, I am sure he IMEMDIATELY saw how this would effect his childen and that his UNSPORTSMANLIKE conduct was not the example he wished to set.



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