#BigFreedia had to CONTACT #Drake to be in ‘In My Feelings’ vid! [vid]


So BOUNCE MUSIC has been making BIG STRIDES in mainstream music as of LATE, thanks largely in part to Big Freedia.  Beyonce has used her voice and her voice can be heard opening Drake’s MONSTER HIT, ‘Nice For What’ before a BOUNCE BEAT takes over.  So you may wonder, how come Big Freedia wasn’t INCLUDED in the video, right?  MAYBE Drake forgot to give her a SHOUT-OUT during taping.  But what is a FACT that his ‘In My Feelings’ video was shot in New Orleans, so why not get Big Freedia onboard, right?  Well  Big Freedia actually had to REACH OUT to Drake to get featured in the ‘In My Feelings’ visual!

“I decided to hit him up myself and was like, ‘Why you didn’t let me know you were in New Orleans?'” Freedia told TMZ. “And he was like, ‘I just got here. Why don’t you come through? We’re shooting a video tonight. I want you to get a few cameos.’ So I did that.


I had to call my people at midnight to come make me up and do my hair,” Freedia continued. “I made it to the video shoot at about 2:00 a.m. and we hung out until about 6:00 a.m. He didn’t want me to get off the mic. He wanted me to rock the mic and the crowd all night.”

This goes to show that if you want to make something happen that seemed like a NO-BRAINER–you have to GET THE BALL ROLLING yourself. It would seem that if you BORROW from something, at least show LOVE back to the SOURCE right? Freedia should have been one of the FIRST to be called since they were in her HOME TOWN, virtually in her BACKYARD filming. Hmmm… And if you look at the video, the CAMEOS are SO quick of BIG FREEDIA, if you BLINK, you miss her..so it wasn’t THAT much love shown, but I digress… I don’t think, well I would like to think that Drake does not have anything against the LGBT community specifically the TRANS community. I am sure a BULK of his sales come from them…so he might want to do a BETTER JOB of showing INCLUSION But that’s just me talking….



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