1st LOOK! #RHOP season 3 REUNION! [vid]



Season 3 of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ wrapped up last night, but while some fires seemed to be DAMPENED, others have REIGNITED with GASOLINE at the UPCOMING 2-part REUNION. Robyn and Monique’s past drama resurfaces, the ladies all seem to have a BONE or TWO or THREE to pick with Karen and her living situation until she BREAKS DOWN and walks off.  Gizelle has a NEW MAN–a blats from the past it seems.. Candiace appears to find a voice and lashing out at a few of the WIVES. And the HUSBANDS also get involved in the MUDSLINGING as well. Take a LOOK!’


Part one of the REUNION airs on Sunday, August 12th!



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