Put A Ring On It! #FaithEvans & #StevieJ do a QUICKIE Vegas WEDDING in their hotel room! Joseline responds! [details]


If this is true, Faith would have to be the.. well anyways, it appears that Faith Evans and Stevie J have tied the KNOT!!

MULTIPLE sources are saying that the two had a QUICKIE VEGAS wedding in their hotel room  Tuesday night!

According to docs, the singer and producer filed for the license in Clark County on Tuesday.


He professed his LOVE for the widow of The Notorious B.I.G. on TWITTER:

She RETURNED the sentiment further FUELING the RUMORS that had been swirling around about their NUPTIALS!

INTERESTING… This could work. The TWO haev been FRIENDS for YEARS and they both have AMPLE children, so there won’t be any CHILD SUPPORT issues when if this goes South..so maybe the two will live happily ever after….

Time will TELL….
Joseline had to add her two cents:
Congrats to the COUPLE…


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