WATCH: #Marvel’s #LukeCage season 2 ep 13 ‘They Reminisce Over You’ [full ep]

Luke-Cage s2-TheGamutt
DWith Dillard in prison, the other gang leaders go to war in the streets of Harlem. Shades suggests to Cage that he replace Dillard to prevent a new crime boss taking over. Cage threatens Italian boss Rosalie Carbone, ensuring she stays out of Harlem. In prison, Dillard makes moves to gain power and orders the murders of all of her former contacts and employees. Johnson helps Bushmaster begin to recover from his nightshade use, and he chooses to return to Jamaica. He tells her that Dillard must still burn. Johnson decides to visit Dillard, who tells her that Harlem’s Paradise is her birthright. Johnson then gives Dillard a slow-acting poison, and she eventually dies while Cage is visiting. Johnson has her mother cremated. With Dillard dead, Shades’ deal no longer holds and he is arrested. When Dillard’s will is read, it has been changed so the club now goes to Cage. This angers Johnson, and concerns Knight who worries that Cage will become a criminal like Dillard. Cage still accepts the club, and establishes himself as the new “sheriff” of Harlem…… WATCH ‘Luke Cage’ season 2 episode 13 BELOW!


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