WATCH: #Marvel’s #LukeCage season 2 ep 11 ‘The Creator’ [full ep]

Luke-Cage s2-TheGamutt
As a boy, Bushmaster had been the only child out of a group to survive a bad vaccination. After the business deal between his father, Quincy McIver, and Samuel “Buggy” Stokes broke down in the 1980s and led to their deaths, Bushmaster’s mother Gwen tried to sue the Stokes family and Buggy’s wife Mabel burned down Gwen’s house in response. Bushmaster survived, but was shot by Pete Stokes. He was saved by nightshade, and now Johnson is able to heal him with it again. She warns that it is close to killing him through organ failure. He allows her to leave. Meanwhile, Cage finds Anansi’s wife Ingrid, who survived the restaurant shooting, but she refuses to testify against Dillard. He takes her to see her husband’s body, where they find Bushmaster; he and Cage agree that their next fight will be their last. Going against a Stokes family rule, Dillard makes a deal to start selling heroin in Harlem. Shades confronts her about her recent actions, leading to an altercation and an end to their relationship. He chooses to surrender himself to Knight…… WATCH ‘Luke Cage’ season 2 episode 11 BELOW!


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