BARBIE Baby! #NickiMinaj GIFTS #CardiB’s new baby a 5k GIFT BASKET! [details]


Bardi Baby, just got a NICE gift from Barbie, baby!  Even though as of late people want to paint her out to be the ‘BAD GUY’, Nicki Minaj is far from it.  After hearing of the arrival of Cardi and Offset’s DAUGHTER, Nicki sent them a one of a kind GIFT BASKET worth upwards of $5,000!!

According to The Blast, the 35-year-old has gifted the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ chart-topper a $5000 baby basket from exclusive Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Trésor. ‘The basket was bought minutes after the birth announcement was made,’ reported the publication according to a source.

So what actually goes into a gift basket of this magnitude? Well there was one stiupulation from Nicki—MAKE IT GIRLY!

The requirements for the basket were to “make it as girly as possible”, and was stuffed with some of the store’s most sought-after products including luxury seasonal clothes, an assortment of dolls and stuffed animals and, of course, a sterling silver rattle’.

They added that there were also luxury organic pampering items for Cardi as well. According to the insider, Nicki’s basket has already been shipped express to Cardi and Offset’s Atlanta home, and should have arrived as of late yesterday! What a LOVELY GESTURE, right? As much as people want to put these ladies against each other, that could be FARTHER from the REAL. I mean the ladies did CHOP IT UP at the Met Ball, and this gift seems to solidify that OLIVE BRANCH. We can’t wait to get our first glimpse of baby Kulture!


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