WATCH: #Marvel’s #LukeCage season 2 ep 9 ‘For Pete’s Sake’ [full ep]

Luke-Cage s2-TheGamutt
Knight gets Cage, Lucas, Dillard, and Johnson to an unfinished building belonging to Rand Enterprises, where Dillard agrees to testify against Bushmaster in exchange for immunity. Knight and Cage are against this, but agree that they can only fight one at a time. Knight returns to the precinct, where Deputy Chief Priscilla Ridley is now in command. Cage tells Johnson that Dillard murdered their cousin Cornell Stokes, and Dillard admits to this when Johnson confronts her. Dillard explains that Stokes was taunting her about how she had been raped as a girl by their Uncle Pete, and reveals that this was how Johnson was conceived and why Dillard does not love her. With Bushmaster putting up a large bounty for Dillard, Tyler tips him off to the group’s location. There, Cage is able to defeat Bushmaster. Dillard escapes and reunites with Shades, who has captured Bushmaster’s uncle Paul “Anansi” MacIntosh. Bushmaster also escapes, by setting off a grenade and then forcing Johnson to heal him. Cage begins to reconcile with his father…… WATCH ‘Luke Cage’ season 2 episode 9 BELOW!

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