WATCH: #Marvel’s #LukeCage season 2 ep 6 ‘The Basement’ [full ep]

Luke-Cage s2-TheGamutt
Dillard refuses to cooperate with the police, despite a shared history with Ridenhour. Knight confesses to Ridenhour about wanting to frame Cockroach, but when he chooses not to discipline her she quits out of guilt. Cage and Piranha go into hiding as Bushmaster’s men scour the neighborhood for them. Cage insists that he will take Piranha to the police, despite Piranha wanting to pay Cage as a “hero for hire”. After a discussion about their respective fathers, Cage decides to take Piranha to Lucas’s church for protection. Shades and Comanche unsuccessfully search for Piranha, and reminisce about their relationship in prison. Comanche believes that Shades should get rid of Dillard and become the crime lord of Harlem himself. Shades later tells Dillard about following Bushmaster to the restaurant, and she plans what they will do to his acquaintances once they find Piranha, who has control of their money. Cage contacts Bushmaster, and the two meet to fight, ending with Cage paralyzed by a holistic substance and kicked into a river to drown…. WATCH ‘Luke Cage’ season 2 episode 6 BELOW!

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