Hair DO or DON’T!? #ZacEfron debuts DREADLOCKS for the Summer! [pics]


‘The Greatest Showman’ star, Zac Efron has a NEW DO for the SUMMER–DREADLOCKS! The 30-year old actor debuted his NEW LOOK on Instagram:

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Just for fun 🤘

A post shared by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on

He CAPTIONED the pic, ‘Just For Fun’.

Some FANS reacted FAVORABLY praising him for being able to pull off any look, while some called him out for CULTURAL APPROPRIATION:

“Oof wearing dreads is a bad idea for someone like you, I hope your publicist is ready.”

TO me, it’s just a LOOK. And if you want to be TECHNICAL, these aren’t really DREADLOCKS, just some hair twisted with some PRODUCT for a photo-op. If he washes his hair, he will be back to the Zac we all know.. so CALM DOWN PEOPLE, it’s just HAIR.

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