PROTECT THE QUEEN! #Beyonce STRANDED 20 ft. in the air after STAGE MALFUNCTION! [vid]


BEYHIVE, we have to PROTECT THE QUEEN at all costs!!!  Over the weekend, Beyonce was left STRANDED 20 feet in the air after her FLYING stage malfunction on the Warsaw stop of the ‘On The Run II’ tour!

Stage techs were forced to go old-school to bring Beyoncé back down to earth via an ordinary ladder. The band played on while Beyoncé initially appeared reluctant to descend via the ladder —mind you she was wearing HEELS–finally came back down to US!!

Check out the VIDEO below of the HARROWING descent!

THANK GOODNESS! When dealing with machines, SHIT will happen, thank goodness the QUEEN is SAFE on solid ground. I am SURE somebody got FIRED for this one!


WE MAY have a new word for the URBAN LEXICON.. ‘STAGE MALFUNCTION’.

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