#BETAwards 2018 was a RATINGS HIT, reports say.[details]


They Did it again, for the 4th consecutive year The BET Awards snags the award for the year’s TOP RATED Award show on cable!

Not SURE HOW, but they did. DESPITE a lot of the A-Listers bailing on the show, lackluster performances, technical issues and Jamie Foxx as the spastic host who was all over the place with his delivery–they did it again! I gave my review of the show in case you missed it [REVISIT HERE]

Here are the numbers:

With Jamie Foxx at the helm and a parade of headline performers electrifying the stage, the 2018 BET Awards once again landed as the top-rated and most-talked-about cable awards show of the year, drawing 4.3 million viewers across eight Viacom networks.

The numbers speak for themselves – the BET Awards are: the top cable awards show in the key 18-49 demographic for the fourth consecutive year*; the top cable awards among African-Americans 18-49 for the 17th straight year; and the most social cable awards show year-to-date and most social program of the night, sparking 2.1 million interactions (+89 percent total engagements from 2017) across Facebook and Twitter, topping even soccer’s World Cup for online buzz.

NUMBERS don’t lie–but they can tell fibs depending on how you spin them. IJS.


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