#TheGame wishes his son a HAPPY 15th birthday in the sweetest way! [details]


The Game’s son is 15!  Harlem Caron Taylor is Game’s eldest son and his dad could not help but GUSH all over his 1st born!

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Wheeeewww !!!! Can’t even believe I’m bout to say this but, “HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY” son !!! I can’t even begin to describe how your birth was the sole reason for everything I am today. If your mother never told me she was pregnant… I would’ve died in the streets on the path I was on. I am thankful for you & I am ever so grateful to God for giving me you. I have given this Daddy stuff all that I am & I wouldn’t trade being your father for anything in the world !!! You are smart, amazing, talented, caring, loving & the absolute best role model for your brother & sister that anyone could ever wish for….. Today, we kept it light. A lil lunch, a few bands, a lil Gucci, some cake & chill vibes… but next year for the 16th boyyyyyyy you know you gettin a Ferrari helicopter & your own island off the coast of heaven 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 orrrr sumn close lol… either way brodie, you’re my absolute best friend & I hope I made your day awesome – Love Dad [Oh’ all my real fans, go FOLLOW @hvrlemtaylor for his bday & show him some love…… I mean he is the baby from “The Documentary” 🤷🏾‍♂️ #LikeFatherLikeSon

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AWW, how sweet! We know Game LOVES his kids! Great to see BLACK FATHERS showing love in this way!




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