#LHHATL NEWS: #MissShirleen CUSSED 2 patrons the F*CK out for being RUDE in ‘Pressed’! [vid]


Now we know Miss Shirleen ( Rasheeda’s mom) from ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ is not ONE to play games.  Two patrons from Austin, Texas found out the HARD way not to get off on the WRONG foot with Miss Shirleen.  After SHE kindly told the two ladies to STOP filming her when they asked to take a PICTURE, she politely told them that the policy is , if you PURCHASE something then you can get a picture, but these two ladies weren’t having it and called this lady–an elder to them and somebody’s MOM a ‘BITCH’!  That’s when the SHIT hit the fan and Miss Shirleen had to get them together REAL quick!

These ladies appeared to go into this store to START some SHIT to get a little FAME. IJS… But Shirleen was not here for it! LOL
How are you going to be RUDE and expect someone to take a PIC with you? WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?
Shirleen was like ‘I’m good love, enjoy!



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