NEW MUSIC: #Drake REUNITES with #NickiMinaj with a TWIST on ‘That’s How You Feel’ [audio]



Drake unleashed the ‘Scorpion’ and it’s been STINGING all up and down Twitter TIMELINES EVERYWHERE!  Yes, that was CORNY–but we don’t CARE!  One TRACK we are STOKED about is Drake’s REUNION with labelmate and on again off again FRIEND, Nicki Minaj. Drake RAPS over a THUMPING Nicki Minaj sample from 2013’s PTAF’s ‘Boss Ass Bitch’!  We ALREADY know these two make GREAT music together, so this is nothing NEW, right.. HOWEVER you slice it–it’s Drake and Nicki on the same TRACK.  WE are just GLAD to see them back in the THICK of it again, after some ROUGH PATCHES in the recent past.  Check out ‘That’s How You Feel’ after the JUMP!




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