‘Braxton Family STRIKE!?’ Cast WALKS OUT on production- Show on HIATUS! [details]


We all know our FAVORITE celeb reality TV family was set to TAPE a new season last week. Not that KLAN from Calabasas but our REAL favorite family The Braxtons!  Well the family were all SET to start filming PART two of their SUPER POPULAR reality show, ‘Braxton Family Values’ but the WHOLE family with the EXCEPTION of Traci Braxton BAILED on production!

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When no one showed up, WETV and Magic Elves production HALTED production and sent the crew and Traci HOME!  So what’s the HOLD-UP?  MONEY of course!  The FAMILY appears to be REFUSING to work for WETV and Magic Elves production until their CONTRACTS are renegotiated!  So why are the LADIES upset?  WORD FROM the CURB is that their TRAVEL expenses and things like wardrobe, hair and make-up are at a PALTRY level and the family also wants their salaries INCREASED to an “appropriate” level!  I mean the family has given us 6 seasons PLUS of GREAT television and I am SURE they have made WETV and Magical Elves a BOATLOAD of money, so WHY shouldn’t they be COMPENSATED appropriately.  The Klan out in Kalifornia makes MILLIONS.  While the break-down of finances per person I couldn’t find, but in 2014, it was reported by TV Guide that the show made a cool $10 million per episode! And that was in 2014, so you know that number has INCREASED EXPONENTIALLY with all the BIRTHS, new drama and spin-off specials.

WE tv declined to comment, but sources close to the situation tell us the Braxtons are under contract through season 9. Magical Elves also had nothing to say at this time as they were contacted as well. “Braxton Family Values” premiered in April 2011. So far, the fourth season of the series recorded the highest ratings with 1.5 million total viewers, up by 8 percent compared to previous seasons and higher than the installments that came after, according to Daily Mail.

Let’s HOPE the family can come to some AGREEMENT so the ladies can get back to TAPING! I mean what would we do without our ‘Braxton Family Values’ fix!? And ‘BFV’ is one of the HIGHEST RATED shows on the NETWORK, so I am sure they can bring all of that to the table and get the FAMILY the MONEY they DESERVE!



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