#LilKim TRIES to SHADE #NickiMinaj while PRAISING #CardiB! [video]


Lil’ Kim… smh.  Well, he FORMER ‘Queen of Rap’ Lil’ Kim tried to SHADE the REIGNING ‘Queen of Rap’ recently. ET’s Katie Krause spoke to Kim on Wednesday night at Paris Hilton x Boohoo’s official launch party at Delilah in West Hollywood, where she asked Kim what were her thoughts on Nicki Minaj and Cardi B! So this is what Kim had to say:


SO… YOU DON’T KNOW Nicki? The WOMAN you have spent all your leftover residuals in the studio trying to make a DISS RAP for. The RAPPER you claim tried to take your whole STEELO and claim it as her own? But your MEMORY ELUDES YOU because NOW you don’t know her?

Well if you don’t know her–well you USED to..LOL. So sad these two are still salty with each other. BEFORE long, they both are going to be in the SAME CATEGORY…on the SIDELINE watching the NEW GIRLS carry it and low-key hating the GLOW-UP.. Word of ADVICE.. GROW UP LADIES, and Kim, using Mariah’s old LINE is TIRED and LATE..IJS. But to her CREDIT, Kim looked pretty good at the OUTING.



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