#RHOA NEWS: #KenyaMoore ‘campaigning’ for her spot!? Says it’s PEACH or nothing at all! [vid]

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Taping for The Real Housewives of Atlanta has already began and there have been a LOT of CHATTER about a line-up change, testing new ‘PEACHES’ and Kenya Moore getting  relegated to ‘FRIEND’ of the cast. ‘THEY’ been saying Kenya didn’t get her PICK-UP letter for season 11.  Well.. Kenya is here to set the record straight and to get all of us to put some ‘RESPECK’ on her NAME and ‘LEGACY’ with the franchise!  She is putting it all out there–it’s either PEACH or NOTHING AT ALL!

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#FAKERHOANEWS .No one has EVER asked me to be a friend to show… .fact: I am THE housewife that has had THE highest rated episodes the past 3 seasons… even last year having missed 3 episodes.🤔 .#Fact: the Barcelona New Lineup didn't work…The fans have spoken. I've never been called boring 💅🏾 .#Fact love me or hate me I may not be the "fan favorite" (my sister @kandi is and well deserved) but thank you for being invested in my life and continuing to contribute to the success of #RHOA and my success in my career on all levels .Don't worry #teamtwirl you will get to see #babytwirl and all that I'm experiencing as a new wife and mother-to-be one way or another .You will see my raw truth… the good the bad and the ugly one way or another ☺️ .Fact# I am good effing TV! ❤️ .Fact# I will be a HW or nothing at all. 😘 Fact# I don't discuss business but know that I know my value #queen #👸🏾 #kenyamoore #truth #shadequeen #shadeassassin #blameitonmyhormones #letaBishknow

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Kenya let’s it be known that she STILL IN THE BUILDING!?? And in more or less words, they NEED her!  I mean we KNOW season 10 was a bit of a SNOOZER….but when Kenya was on set–it definitely PICKED UP STEAM. Hate it or LOVE it, Kenya is NEEDED…and is valuable to the show. We all have to have a ‘VILLAIN’ we love to HATE… and she has a potential for a  FRONTBURNING storyline–SHE’S PREGNANT! With no Sheree, no Phaedra–although she has been seen around and about with Porsha as of late– they need her in the ORCHARD for sure!  WORD FROM THE CURB is that the filming that has taken place so far–NO KENYA in sight, but that could all CHANGE in a blink of an eye–they just started taping.  WHO WOULD YOU RATHER, Kenya or Eva??


I think we would DEFINITELY get more BANG for your BUCK with Kenya! SO let’s see what happens NEXT!



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