NEW VIDEO: @RealLesIsMore ‘Doing The Most’ [vid]


Singer/songwriter and friend to the MAG LesIsMore is back with another FIRE video from his ‘More Or Les’ project—AVAILABLE on iTunes right now!  This time we get the VISUAL for ‘Doing The Most’ shot and CHOPPED by TwentyTwoTime.

Check out the video below and see if you can pick up the sample the song interpolates…HINT.. it’s from a HUGE boy band that have hits spanning 5 decades that gave us none other than The King of Pop!

In case you didn’t get it, the sample is from The Jackson 5’s 1975 HIT, ‘All I Do Is Think Of You’.  That’s right, before Troop did it, and countless others, The Jackson 5 did it! “All I Do Is Think of You” is a ballad single released by The Jackson 5 as the b-side to the group’s single, “Forever Came Today” on the Motown label in 1975, and was the final charted single the group issued as The Jackson 5 before they left Motown for CBS the following year. It was featured on their final Motown album, Moving Violation. BUT enough about the Jackson 5, let’s FAST FORWARD to 2018 where LesIsMore is CARVING out his OWN niche in pop culture history. FOR MORE, all you have to do is GET SOCIAL and follow this BUDDING superstar at :




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