WATCH: Rupaul’s #DragRace season 10 ep 12 ‘American’ [full ep updated]



Mama Ru reveals that the maxi challenge will include a solo verse in her new song “American,” plus some difficult choreography by Todrick Hall.


We all love hearing the queens’ original verses in a Ru-mixed single accompanied by Todrick-sanctioned choreo, and while loops close and narratives get buttoned up this week, are we even supposed to care in a post-Lip-Sync-for-the-Crown world? In theory Kameron Michaels could win this whole thing and render Aquaria’s pristine track record meaningless, and all we would get as an audience is Today Tix product placement. WATCH ‘Rupaul’s Dragrace season 10 episode 12 BELOW!


RuPaul s Drag Race S10E12-American-x264

[652×376, 01:01:55]


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