#LilScrappy’s friend in the car with him during crashes is SUING him! [details


Remember the RECENT car crash that Lil’ Scrappy and his friend Casino Roulette were involved in. Both men are lucky to be alive but know it appears that the passenger in the car with him is SUING—SUING SCRAPPY!

Roulette has LAWYERED UP and is seeking compensation for his extensive injuries.

Ca$ino’s attorney, Brett L. Schlacter, tells says his client sustained life-altering injuries and is “lucky to be alive.” He feels Scrappy was negligent and reckless when he fell asleep at the wheel.

Scrappy says he does not remember the incident or remember falling asleep—but that does not mean it didn’t happen. [Revisit the HORRIFIC footage of the CRASH here]

Scrappy posted videos and photos from the hospital and appears to be on the mend. Roulette was in the ICU for 3 days and is now home in South Carolina recovering from his injuries. Roulette suffered broken ribs, a concussion, bruised lungs, liver and kidneys. He had to have 2 major surgeries to repair his ruptured large intestine as well.

0613-casino-post-surgery-insta-3 (1)

Hopefully the two friends can work this out, but we can see Casino’s side of things. He was a passenger, and was not at fault. Besides, I am sure he most likely doesn’t have health insurance, and his medical needs are going to be PRICEY. We will see how this pans out.



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