Apollo Nida gets FIT in Prison

#ApolloNida shows off his new CHISELED prison body! [pics]


Apollo Nida, the ex-husband to ex- RHOA cast member, Phaedra Parks seems to be using his tome in PRISON for good…when it come to his WORK-OUT regiment. Nida is currently serving an 8-year bid for wire fraud and identify theft. With a lot of TIME on his HANDS, Nida appears to be working on himself. The former reality star shared a new picture of his TONED UP, chiseled body on social media.

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Well let’s hope Nida has RAISED his standards and after this bid he BIDS the CRIME LIFE good-bye. If you recall, Nida is no STRANGER to fitness and he and his then wife Phaedra even had a WORK-OUT video that never saw the LIGHT OF DAY. Needless to say, it appears that Nida is using his down-town to sculpt his mind and body. But to be FAIR, we don’t know how recent this pic is or his CURRENT progress on SCULPTING his MIND and BODY because he posted this SAME photo back in DECEMBER of last year for the HOLIDAYS…

So all we know, he could be a SLEEK cyborg by now, but who’s to say.
We wish him the best.

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💪💪#FreeApollo #TeamNida #ForMyQueen👑

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