#IHOP changes to IHOB! But WHY? [details]


In what appears to be a STRANGE MOVE, ‘IHOP’ decides to change their ICONIC name to ‘IHOB’—for BURGERS!!!!!   WHY after all this time though?

Ihop is literally FLIPPING the SCRIPT…and burgers too!

SO why the CHANGE? Because hotcakes aren’t selling like HOTCAKES no more! Here is why…
1.It’s one of the least trendy of the old-guard brands your mother grew up with.

2.Pancakes with syrup and sweet toppings are pretty much a 180-degree turn from where the modern Western diet is headed.

3.Sales from 2015-2017 were flatter than, well, you know what, and Dine Brand execs were already in war-room mode over how to position their chains for the future.

The MORE Health-conscious public are moving away from SUGARY BREAKFAST foods–and sometimes BREAKFAST all together in search of HEALTHIER options. And BURGERS are an ALL-AMERICAN staple–so why not JUMP into the CROWDED BURGER wars? GOOD IDEA right? It remains to be seen. TWITTER so far does not seem to WELCOME the change:

TWITTER has SPOKEN. We shall see how this TURNS OUT!  One last question.  So can we still get some PANCAKES every now and again, or is that COMPLETELY off the table now?  ASKING for a FEW FRIENDS…



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