#JPrince CONFIRMS #Drake has a ‘career-ending’ #PushaT DISS that will never see the light of day! [audio]


The DRAKE/PushaT BEEF–is it it DEAD in the WATER? The Legendary J. Prince has made the rounds on the circuit saying he made a ‘OG CALL’ to Drake to END the BEEF. As we see–there was no RETALIATION for Pusha’s ‘Life of Adidon’. ALTHOUGH many felt Drake should’ve responded–DAYS has passed and no DISS. J Prince is now CONFIRMING that there indeed IS a DISS track LOCKED and LOADED from Drake but may never see the LIGHT of DAY! Here is what J. Prince is saying:

I personally don’t believe this. AS DEEP as Pusha ‘cut’ Drake, if there was a DISS in the pocket that was equally or more severe, WHY NOT DROP IT? One explanation… it doesn’t exist and this is a PLOY to save face. All’s fair in LOVE and HIP-HOP. You go TIT for TATT until one person BOWS OUT. Looks like Drake BOWED OUT… so who’s the WINNER… Looks like Pusha T 2 to 1!



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