#Drake’s dad SLAMS #WendyWilliams for reporting on #PushaT BEEF- Wendy CLAPS BACK! [vid]


While Drake has yet to reply to Pusha T’s ‘Story of Adidon’, it appears that his DAD, Dennis Graham has some words…but at the WRONG PERSON.  Media maven Wendy Williams has been REPORTING on the BEEF and as she always states, she is a ‘STRAIGHT SHOOTER’ and she calls it like she sees it!  She had some WORDS about the beef in her ‘Hot Topics’ segment on her HIT daytime talk show and it’s PRETTY clear that as of right now, Wendy has chosen a SIDE–and it’s Pusha T- 2:1 right now.  Dennis had time yesterday and decided to set his sights on Wendy!  This is what he had to say about the TALK SHOW queen:

This is what PROMPTED Dennis to CLAP at Wendy

Come on Dennis, you are too old to resort to name calling. All the things she said and what Pusha T brought up in the DISS are TRUE! Seems like Aubry’s dad has some MISPLACED anger. That ANGST needs to be bottled up, sent over to your son so he can come back SWINGING to BATTLE Pusha. as of RIGHT NOW, Pusha T sems to be WINNING in the COURT of PUBLIC APPEAL when it comes to this BEEF.

NOW YOU KNOW, Wendy had to say something back… she is ever so SLICK at the LIPS and she is not NEW to this. Check her SINISTER yet tongue in cheek CLAPBACK!

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As you can see, Wendy is not BOTHERED at all…

THIS BEEF is bringing out the BEST and WORST in us, right? I mean, Dennis, you do be LOOKING a FOOL in them PASTEL SUITS and that BIG ASS MUSTACHE now all SMILES with your son after being ABSENT before his FAME… We are all THINKING just what WENDY (and Pusha T) was BOLD enough to SAY.




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