#Drake RESPONDS to ‘blackface’ photo! [details]


BY NOW everybody has either heard, or HEARD about the SUPER personal DISS track Pusha T dropped in response to Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’.  For the COVER ART, King Push found a photo from Drake’s ACTING DAYS where he was dressed in what looks like ‘black face’.

Drake ADDRESSES the photo and gives some EXPLANATION or context to the ART..  Here is what he had to say on his Instagram story:


NO BARS yet in retaliation to ‘Story of Adidon’, but we are BETTING that that is in the WORKS as well…. STAY TUNED. But not to be TECHNICAL, let’s examine what ‘BLACKFACE’ is. It’s DEFINED AS when white actors would paint their faces black to resemble black people. Accompanied by a performance stereotyping them as buffoons. NOW for all pretense and purpose, Drake is not WHITE, so in essence it’s not BLACKFACE if we want to SPLIT hairs. Drake’s father is BLACK so that makes him BLACK. POINT BLANK. SO we can say that Drake was wearing make-up that could be construed as OFFENSIVE, but technically it’s not ‘blackface’ by DEFINITION. NONETHELESS, we still need BARS to DEFEND or at least ANSWER some of the QUESTIONS brought up in Pusha T’s DISS… IS there a ‘secret’ child with former porn star’? WHAT’s REALLY going on. Drake, we are waiting….

in case the IG story DISAPPEARS… here is Drake’s response to the PHOTO:


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