NEW VIDEO: #CardiB ‘I Like It’ feat. #JBalvin & #BadBunny [vid]



Cardi B drops another video from her CHART-TOPPING debut, ‘Invasion of Privacy’, this time it’s ‘I Like It’ featuring Bad Bunny and J. Balvin. Eif Rivera DIRECTS and Cardi serves up looks inspired by Carmen Miranda and Celia Cruz! TAKE A LOOK!

2 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: #CardiB ‘I Like It’ feat. #JBalvin & #BadBunny [vid]”

  1. Aye yea she has money that don’t mean a Damn thing all her mess sounds the same the same sequel as usual she stealing folks songs yea,same stuff bitch ,hoe,niggas,is that all she like knows and she talking about herself except the nigga part yea the girl Said she slept wit 20 men sometimes two so that spells hoe to me ok I don’t give a damnthat she knocked up hell he got 4 babymamas she here make5 they both idiots and stop with the she got money ,hell so did Anthony boudine, and Kate spade so money don’t mean nothing she to me has mental.issues so kill it

  2. What the fuck did I just listen to and who this shit did a teenager come up with the lyrics and who are those Latino guys I couldn’t understand shit they were saying another song saying the same mess she got money she makes sense big deal and a lot of street slang the usual niggas,bitches, hoes girl.everybody ain’t like you so you so call rapping about your Damn self ,I know stop making songs like rest why are you at parties clubs ,birthdays partying and shit when you are pregnant could it be that you just don’t care or give a Damn poor kid to have parents like these idiots babymamas ignorant all of them . Cardbi and her nigga offset very ignorant

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