MAG TAG: The HUNKS of #InsecureHBO go to the GYM for #GQ! [pics]



‘Insecure’ is gearing up for season 3 DEBUTING later this SUMMER, and we often always feature the Issa Rae and the LADIES of the show—BUT what are the MEN like?  Well their characters on the SHOW are POLARIZING, but MOST or totally the OPPOSITE of their onscreen PERSONAS.  Jay Ellis, who portrays fan fave, ‘Lawrence’ says he has never even had a ONE-NIGHT STAND!!  WHY?  He says he is too ‘SHY’!  IMAGINE THAT.  Well check out him and the rest of the guys as they show us that the ‘THIRST IS REAL’ at the GYM in this SPREAD for GQ!   Get the FULL SCOOP on the guys HERE, and the PICS BELOW!

From left, Y’lan Noel, Wade Allain-Marcus, Jay Ellis, Sarunas Jackson, and Neil Brown Jr. | On Y’lan: Swim trunks, price upon request, Bottega Veneta Men’s Swim / Slides, $590, by Tom Ford / Necklace by Renvi | On Wade: Swim trunks, $195, by Saturdays NYC / Slides, $460, by Isabel Marant / Sunglasses, $480, Cutler and Gross / Necklaces by Renvi | On Jay: Tank top, $29, by Urban Outfitters / Swim trunks, $395, by Dolce & Gabbana at Mr Porter | On Sarunas: Swim trunks, $185, by Stella McCartney Swimwear / Necklace by Renvi | On Neil: Tank top, $68, by Lululemon / Swim trunks, $125, by EA7 Emporio Armani / Slides, $45, by Adidas Originals
On Sarunas: Swim trunks, $225, Neil Barrett at Mr Porter / Necklace by Renvi | On Neil: Slides, $45, by Adidas Originals | On Wade: Swim trunks, $275, by Thorsun / Necklaces by Renvi]




On Y’lan: Tank, $256, Rick Owens / Shorts, $660, Rick Owens at Mr Porter Arnaud Pyvka
On Sarunas: T-shirt, $125, by Columbia x Opening Ceremony / Track jacket, $80, track pants, $70, sneakers, $80, by Adidas Originals | On Y’lan: Tank, $256, Rick Owens / Shorts, $660, Rick Owens at Mr Porter / Sneakers, $65, by Vans | On Jay: Shirt, $124, shorts, $95, pants, $145, by EA7 Emporio Armani Arnaud Pyvka
On Jay: Jacket, $1,990, sneakers, price upon request, by Prada / Tank top, $40 (for three), by Calvin Klein Underwear / Shorts, $400, by Prada at Mr Porter Arnaud Pyvka
On Wade: Shirt, $60, shorts, $45, sneakers, $65, by Fila / Socks, $49 (for six), by Nice Laundry | On Sarunas: Sweater, $175, shorts, $80, by Lacoste / Sneakers, $100, by Adidas Originals / Hat, $40, by Tommy Jeans / Socks, $20, by American Trench Arnaud Pyvka

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