22-year old HERO, #MamoudouGassama scales side of building to save a hanging child! [vid]


I meant to post this YESTERDAY, but for whatever reason, I never got to it. BUT here we go. A 22-year old HERO was taped scaling the side of a building to save a child that was hanging from a BALCONY. The scene looked like a REAL-LIFE clip from a ‘Spider-man’ movie to be honest.

Mamoudou Gassama was recorded on video scaling a building to rescue a baby on Saturday. Gassama made his way up at least four flights in fewer than 40 seconds to save this child! Check out the SHOCKING video after the JUMP!

Yes, this is a REAL VIDEO CLIP and this took place in France over the weekend.

Due to his heroism, French president, Emmanuel Macron granted Gassama French citizenship and he was offered a JOB on the French Fire brigade, which was a dream of his! Gassama wasn’t a citizen until this very amazing feat!

“With Mr. Gassama who saved the life of a child on Saturday by climbing four floors with his bare hands,” Macron wrote on Facebook. I told him that in recognition of this heroic act he was going to be regularised as soon as possible, and that the Paris Fire Brigade is ready to welcome him.”

Macron took less than 48 hours to contact Gassama, met him in person and offered him citizenship and a job. This is what you call compassion and diplomacy. Some other world leaders, namely our own could take notes.

The family of a small boy dramatically rescued after dangling from a balcony in Paris, France have expressed their thanks to the Malian man who saved him.

“He’s truly a hero,” the boy’s grandmother said of migrant Mamoudou Gassama, who scaled four floors to pluck the child from danger.

The four-year-old’s father, who had left him in their flat and gone shopping, faces charges of failing to look after his child, reports say. So how did the child end up dangling from the balcony?

The boy left RĂ©union, where his mother and grandmother live, about three weeks ago and moved to Paris to join his father, who works in the city. His mother and the couple’s second child were due to join them in June.

The father lived on the sixth-floor of the building in northern Paris, the building’s concierge told BFMTV.

The boy had already fallen two storeys before somehow managing to grab hold of the fourth-floor balcony, according to this version of events.

When asked by a resident in the neighbouring fourth-floor flat where he lived, he is reported to have pointed upwards.

His mother told Antenne RĂ©union that the boy’s father was not used to looking after him on his own and had left him alone before.

“I can’t justify what my husband did. People will say it could have happened to anyone and it has happened to other people. My son was just lucky,” she said.

After doing the shopping, the boy’s father had delayed going home to play Pokemon Go, prosecutors said.

Safe to say that they will be looking into removing the child from this home. BUT IDK, I’m not French, so I don’t know how they do things over there. But leaving a 4 year-old alone for hours… SEEMS sketchy to me. IJS.


But back to Gassama, I am sure there are more ACCOLADES to come for his BRAVERY.  They may even POLISH him up nicely and offer him a MODELING CONTRACT or at least a few endorsements.. WATCH…




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