SHADE!!! #KimKardashian is DRAGGING #RhymeFest on Twitter for Kanye slander! [details]


Kim Kardashian is NOT PLAYING TODAY!!  After Rhymefest– a former collaborator of Kanye’s- went on social media claiming that Yeezy all but ABANDONED his Donda organization in Chicago and said ‘Fuck the kids of Chicago’, Kim went off!

Rhymefest reached out to Drake for HELP with Kanye’s organization!

OOOP.. did she say he was ROCKING FAKE Yeezys? Damn. They can’t throw that guys some REAL ONES after all he did for Kanye and the Culture!? And she said his flight to Wyoming is CANCELED! Kim is standing up for her MAN!!

But Rhymefest has some words for KIM too!

ON BLAST…. So Kim never even stepped FOOT into the HOUSE!! DAMN… this is GOOD!

Proceed Che… PROCEED with the Receipts!

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