#QuentinMiller CORRECTS #Drake on his #Kroger line from #DuppyFreestyle! [details]


The ALLEGED ghostwriter for Drake, Quentin Miller got in on all the HOOPLA between Pusha T and the 6 God.  On ‘Duppy Freestyle’, Drake RAPPED:

 “And as for Q, man, I changed his life a couple times,” he raps. “Ni**a was at Kroger working double time / Y’all actin’ like he made the boy when I was tryna help the guy.”

Miller wants it to be KNOWN that he didn’t work at Kroger..it was PUBLIX!

That’s right! Make sure Publix gets that PLUG! LOL. Kroger, Publix—all the about the same if you live in GEORGIA..lol.

Nothing WRONG with REPPIN your BEGINNINGS! When I Get on, I;m going to ACKNOWLEDGE a few places I started from as well… I’ll wait…


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