ON THIS DAY…22 years ago #GhostTownDjs released ‘My Boo’! [vid]



ON THIS DAY back in 1996, Ghost Town DJ’s released the SMASH HIT, ‘My Boo’!

“My Boo” is the only single released by Ghost Town DJ’s. It was released on Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def label and Columbia. The song, an invite by a female to a male, blends R&B-style vocals over a Hip Hop beat. It was written by Carlton Mahone, Rodney Terry and Lil Jon, with lead vocals sung by Virgo Williams.

The song peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 on its initial release in 1996. In 2016, the song was re-popularized by the “Running Man Challenge” and re-entered the Hot 100 giving it a new peak of #27 twenty years after its original release.
Virgo Williams was working on becoming a solo artist, and she was originally intended to provide background vocals for My Boo for another artist named Akema, but she was not able to work with the song, and it was decided that Williams’ version of the song was better and Williams’ vocals became the lead vocals. Lil Jon was an A&R Director for So So Def at the time, and oversaw the production of the song. He was also the executive producer of the song, but could not take credit for the production because of his job position. Terry also produced it, and it was the second version of the beat currently used in the song.



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