FAX THE INVOICE! #PushaT & #Drake BEEFIN’ and sending each other INVOICES! [details]


This is TOO good not to post about.  Pusha T dropped off his LATEST album ‘Daytona’ and on one SONG ‘Infared’, Pusha insinuates that Drake has a GHOSTwriter in the name of Quentin Miller.  You may remember back when Meek Mill and Drake were BEEFIN’, Meek said that Miller what the WRITER behind Drake’s hits including “Started From the Bottom” and their Dreams Worth More Than Money collaboration “R.I.C.O.”

So of course Drake had to SPEAK on it on his CLAP BACK, ‘Duppy Freestyle’. Pusha T KINDA claps back with this:

That was cute. But Drake took it to a WHOLE NEW level of petty by sending BACK his own invoice….and he got the LABEL watermark and stationary and ERE’THING!!


LOL.  The re: killed it.. ‘career assistance and career reviving’.  THAT TOOK ME OUT.. In essence that’s what Drake did.  I mean Pusha has a FANbase, and a BUZZ surrounding his project… but he has not been out in a MINUTE and Drake has a FAR FURTHER reach than Pusha T.  LET’S FACE FACTS… it’s TRUE.  That’s not up for DEBATE.  So what this BEEF is doing is it’s BENEFITING Pusha T, and it’s SOLIDIFYING the fact that Drake is one of the GReATS because he can BODY yet another rapper that tries to take SHOTS at him.  I mean he pretty much SHIT Meek Mill out and got a GRAMMY nod in the process.  The same may happen this time AROUND.  That DRAKE machine is UNMATCHED right now…. DISPUTE this….







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