#PushaT CHANGES album title- cover art is #WhitneyHouston’s BATHROOM! [vid]

We are all GEEKED for Pusha T’s album right!? OF COURSE!  Well he has had a change of HEART–not about the album, but the album title.  It was slated to be released as ‘King Push’, but now that’s changed and here is WHY!

There you have it from the HORSE’S MOUTH! And to add more DEPTH to the album–the cover art has changed as well. The album cover is now revealed to be a photo of Whitney Houston’s bathroom during a drug binge! In an interview with Angie Martinez, Pusha revealed Kanye West changed the original album artwork to this, paying $85,000 for its rights to be used. Now that’s GANGSTER and a litle sinister at the same time. The FULL interview on how this came about and MORE… is HERE as well.



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