NEW VIDEO: #AzealiaBanks ‘Anna Wintour’ [vid]


WATCH Azealia Banks get her SHIMMY on in her latest visual for ‘Anna Wintour’.

“This is legit the most hipster thing I’ve ever done,” said Banks of the Matt Sukkar-directed clip. “I’m laughing because this is exactly who I wanted to be when I was a 14 year old musical theater head just getting introduced to dance/house/indie and alternative music. I think this is exactly how I imagined myself as an indie rock star or the lead singer of some electro band. I would daydream about these types of art weirdo moments. The Laguardia jumped out.” [via Rap-up]

This is where Banks SHINES! She has a GREAT voice and an INTERESTING P.O.V. on things. This is where she needs to CONCENTRATE her efforts to. The other stuff–the beefs, the rants…people are OVER all that. Focus on the CRAFT.
She has IT…she just needs to REDIRECT it. TAKE A LOOK.


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