Diced PEACHES? #RHOA season 11 casting news! #KenyaMoore PEACH SNATCHED!? Check out the NEW PEACHES testing! [vid]



IT appears there is some CASTING about going on over at ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 11.  We already REPORTED that Sheree Whitfield was not asked back for the upcoming season.  SAD but oh well…HOPEFULLY Chateau Sheree is PAID OFF….

But NOW..it appears that another PEACH has been snatched…Kenya Moore! And some NEW ‘PEACHES’ are being TESTED!  Here are the EXCLUSIVE details we have so far.

Let’s  just start this off.  CONFIRMED peach holders are Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey got their PICK-UP LETTERS for season 11.  This means that their contracts have been negotiated and they are a LOCK for the new season.  StraighfromA.com’s ATLien ALWAYS has the scoop so you know this is TRUE–Kenya Moore did not get a LETTER…YET.  She is CLAIMING she will be back around, but as of right now she is on the BUBBLE.  ATLien also says that Shamea Morton and Marlo Hampton are still ‘FRIENDS’ of the show and that Eva’s PEACH has not been SECURED either.  But back to Kenya… sources are saying that she maybe SIDELINED to ‘friend’ of the show as well.  Do you think Bravo can put Kenya Moore in the ‘corner’?  I mean she was BARELY there last season and missed some KEY trips and moments… so she wouldn’t be MISSED all that much.  Her FIREPOWER came out at the REUNION..so maybe save her for that… cause she added very LITTLE to season 10.   ATLien has a hilarious VIDEO summing all this KENYA mess up HERE!


So with all these ‘PEACHES’ up for grabs, you KNOW Bravo is testing NEW GIRLS!  First up is the wife of R&B legend Ronnie DeVoe–Shamari!   Remember her from the group Blaque and with the New Edition connect and her ROOTS in ATL…she could be a good fit.  Also NeNe Leakes RECENTLY started following her on SOCIAL MEDIA.. So if you Get NeNe on your side..that is the GATEWAY to the SHOW!   Shamari and  Blaque are STILL touring..they were most RECENTLY spotted opening the FunkFest in ATLANTA last weekend..  The LADIES are performing as a DUO since the UNTIMELY death of Natina Reed.

You can get the DETAILS on her HERE and she just gave birth recently to TWINS…so throw all that in the mix and you may get some INTERESTING stories, right!?

Another potential peach Tanya Sam. Sam has been seen GIRL PAL-ING around with some of the ‘PEACHES’ lately in the A–Nene and Cynthia and fave Derek J!

The ladies checked out Anita Baker’s concert recently together with Marlo Hampton… https://www.instagram.com/p/BipWOKAD7t0/?taken-by=itstanyatime

Get the DEETS on Tanya HERE!

I think she used to be a NURSE, but we do know she is the WIFE of entrepreneur Dr. Paul Judge. DING!! A REAL WIFE.. another PLUS for her!

Derek J…we agree..the SEX WALK attempt did look KRAY—LOL…but this is GREAT for season 11!

NOW let’s not count out an OLD FAVE… Phaedra. She has been seen hanging around Porsha A LOT in the A recently.


She could be a SECRET WEAPON for season 11. Let’s face it…SHE WAS MISSED. They talked about her ass for at least the first 7 episodes of the season with clips and all…why NOT bring her back to answer for all the WRONG she stirred up before her DEPARTURE. RHOA needs that FIREPOWER again. Season 10 was OK..but NOTHING will ever top that action-packed SEASON 7 when all hell BROKE LOSE at NeNe’s PAJAMA party! WE NEED a season like THAT again….PURE UNADULTERATED DRAMA non-stop. Phaedra’s ‘isms and SOUTHERN BELLE bullshit.. was missed… you know it was…ADMIT IT. So we will have to see what SEASON 11 holds..they are beginning to TAPE as we speak… so CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

Oh WAIT..in my OPINION…EVA can STAY a friend to the show..SHE BROUGHT NOTHING last season except that ONE LITTLE scene with Will…after that…she was a NON-MOTHERFUCKING FACTOR. Even her ‘ALMOST LABOR’ appearance at the REUNION paled in comparison to all the OTHER shit that was going on… so FREE UP SOME CASH and let her stay on the BACKBURNER until she SEASONS and MARINATES into something INTERESTING aside from another PRETTY face to look at. IJS. I like her… but she just didn’t ADD anything to the season last time. THAT’S ALL.




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