#Disappear- A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Disappear


Close call
Almost felt the
A date on a cold slab
That’s final
So close
Too close to

It has been a hard day’s night
Still moving
Barely grooving
When is the other shoe going to drop
Will it be my own undoing
Or the free will of a cop
That brings me to that grand day
That last day
When it all dissipates
And disappears

It gets so hard
The mental anguish
Walking around like a zombie
I forget the language
The words to win
Mind too consumed
Much to my chagrin
It all will evaporate

I want it to end
The NOISES in my head
The fullness
The complexities of life
I pay it forward
But steal away on the backend
Skimming off the top
To make ends meet
At every turn too close
Nearing the heat
The flame is white hot
Electric, even.
Too close to the edge
For no rhyme nor

Running on fumes
Nothing left to give
Just wanting all the ills
To pack up and

In the magic hour
Before the dark
Is eclipsed by the sun
That time when it’s oh so quiet
I fade into me
And try to

I want this me
The one of yesterday
To fade away
Retreat into his fears
And shrivel away and

I missed all the signs
One at a time.
But now I am ready
Starting from now
I want to SHINE.
I want
These garments
These shackles
These problems
These pitfalls
These hardships
To rot away

Out damn spot
Will my hands ever be clean?
That stain
The strain
The disdain for you Father
I wish away

-Zam Zhinga

Just a little something that came to mind….STILL working on it. May scrap it or add to it later..but for now.it is what it is…

SO let’s put a SOUNDTRACK to it, via Beyonce…


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