#Janet25- Celebrating 25 years of ‘janet.’ the BREAKTHROUGH album! [vids]


ON THIS DAY in 1993–the WORLD CHANGED.  Janet Jackson shed the innocence of YOUTH and STEPPED out of the SHADOWS of her SIBLINGS and became janet.–but there was NO LOWERCASE in the DELIVERY!


TODAY we celebrate the 25TH ANNIVERSARY! Celebrate ’s JANET. album released 25 years ago! #1 album, 14 million+ worldwide sales, 6x Platinum, 6 top ten hits, incl. “That’s The Way Love Goes” & “Again”! One of the most definitive albums of all time!

The ‘janet.’ album was the 1st COMPACT DISC that I owned and for some time it was the ONLY compact disc I OWNED so you can IMAGINE it got PLAYED A LOT!  That album brings back SO many MEMORIES for me, so good SOME NOT SO GOOD, but the music carried me through.  It got me OVER a LOT of ROUGH PATCHES…and for that I THANK YOU!

[via Variety]

On its release 25 years ago, on May 18, 1993, there was nothing lower-case about Janet Jackson’s album “janet.” except its title.

Jackson’s previous two albums for A&M Records, “Control” (1986) and “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814” (1989), had reached No. 1 on the national charts and been certified for sales of 11 million total units. No longer a modestly successful R&B singer, she was a major crossover talent whose commercial profile had begun to rival that of her older brother Michael.

An intense bidding war for Jackson’s services ensued in 1991, with Virgin Records prevailing with a then-unprecedented and headline-making bid that the label’s founder Richard Branson later identified as $25 million. (On the heels of that pact, Michael Jackson would renegotiate his own contract with Sony Music for an even more astronomical sum.



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