#Criminalized for being BLACK! [vid]


The trend is GROWING day by day. If it’s NOT discrimination and racial profiling by the POLICE, we have establishments like Starbucks and Waffle House acting on stereotypes and blatant RACISIM. Instantly if you are a BLACK face in a ‘WHITE SPACE’, you are instantly CRIMINALIZED without cause or justification. It has happened to me.


Once upon a time, I was AT my job, IN my uniform with a NAME BADGE on and was STILL questioned whether or not I was supposed to be there. There had to be VERIFICATION. In my HEART of HEARTS I KNEW had I been WHITE, I could have walked in and out of this SPACE with thousands of dollars worth of EQUIPMENT in tow and I would not have been QUESTIONED in the manner that I was. ALSO Another incident–I DRIVE what you would consider a LUXURY CAR. No need to go into details but it’s pretty NICE. I have been STOPPED and asked on occasion, ‘Is this your car?’ ‘Can I see your registration?’ And while this is being discussed, two more patrol cars roll up as if there had been a ROBBERY or an ACCIDENT. NEITHER one was the case, but because I was DRIVING while BLACK, instantly, the mindset is–the car has to be STOLEN. I kinda went off tangent, but this NEXT POST describes what it’s like to be CRIMINALIZED for being BLACK…



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