Shocker!? #Married2Med’s #QuadLunceford files for DIVORCE! [details]

giphy (47)

This should come as NO surprise if you tuned into the last FEW seasons on ‘Married To Medicine’, but Quad Webb-Lunceford has filed for divorce from Gregory Lunceford!

The COURT DOCS reveal that the separation is CONTESTED which means that either the two parties can not come to an agreement on about getting divorced or about the terms of the divorce, such as the division of assets, allocation of debts, alimony, child support, or the custody of children. Seeing that they don’t have any children, that part can be taken off the TABLE. MAYBE Dr. G. is FIGHTING for their marriage.

Peep the COURT DOCUMENTS below.

Sad to see another reality couple BITE the DUST, but the WRITING has been on the wall since day 1. When we FIRST met these two, we saw that Dr. G wanted to start a family and Quad ALWAYS found a REASON not to give him that wish. That seemed to always be a BONE of CONTENTION in their relationship. TO be HONEST, it never really appeared that Quad was fully vested in the marriage to begin with. I think she was in love with the IDEA of MARRIAGE and what MARRIAGE could PROVIDE for her,BUT it did not appear she was in LOVE with Dr. G. She grew to TOLERATE him to get where she needed to be, but that is about it…IN MY OPINION. I don’t know either, so I can’t be SURE, but from OBSERVATION… I think I may be ON TO something. At any rate, the NEXT season of ‘Married’ should prove to be as EVENTFUL if not MORESO than the last.



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