NEW MUSIC: #Andre3000 dropped two new songs on #MothersDay! [audio]


We haven’t heard any new music from Andre3000 in some time, but he took the time ON MOTHER’S DAY, to gift the fans with 2 new tracks!

via Rap-Up

Andre3000 dropped off two heartfelt tracks in the form of “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)” and “Look Ma No Hands.”

The first of those songs, “Me&My,” is a piano-laden reflection on childhood. The second track, “Look Ma No Hands,” is a clarinet and piano instrumental. Three Stacks played the bass clarinet on this 17-minute song, while James Blake handled the keys.

Take a listen!

Questlove pointed out that the songs are even more touching once one understands the personal story behind them. “So #Andre3000 shares a song on Mother’s Day about his mom who passed on his bday…& his dad who passed a year later and damn man this his heartbreakingly amazing,” wrote The Roots drummer.

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